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Laser therapy is a cutting-edge treatment utilized at Life in Motion Chiropractic. Laser therapy is a growingly popular, non-invasive treatment that uses specific wavelengths of light to penetrate damaged tissue in the body to allow the body to heal from the inside out. It is effective at treating both acute and chronic pain.

The therapy works by decreasing inflammation, releasing pain-relieving endorphins, and accelerating the repair of connective tissue like ligaments, tendons, muscles, etc. The laser works through a process called photobiomodulation. This process allows light rays that enter the body to interact with the mitochondria in the cells and cellular processes, accelerating the body’s natural healing processes.]


What is Laser Therapy?

LightForce FXi Laser therapy

Laser therapy is a clinically effective treatment for pain and inflammation in damaged tissue. It can penetrate deep tissue structures, treating various acute and chronic injuries. The non-invasive nature of laser therapy provides a solution for those looking for alternatives to prescription drugs or surgery. Our office uses the 15-watt LightForce FXi Class 4 Laser.

If you’d like a more scientific explanation, please Click Here to see a video describing the photobiomodulation effects of laser therapy.

What should I expect? 

Our trained staff will hold a light that emits laser light therapy over the skin. The patient will feel a soothing warmth as the laser gently penetrates your tissue and accelerates your body’s regenerative habits. Treatments are painless and fast, often lasting only 5-15 minutes. Some results may be immediate, but most observed results can take 3-10 visits. The therapeutic effect of the laser will continue for 18-24 hours after each treatment. The modulated cellular activity leads to decreased pain and inflammation during that time.

What can it treat? 

Laser therapy is effective in treating:

What’s my first visit look like? 

After completing your entrance paperwork, you’ll arrive at our office and be greeted by our friendly staff. They’ll take you back to the examination room, where we’ll discuss how the therapy works. From there, the doctor will conduct a thorough examination to determine what type of injury you have and what settings for the cold laser therapy will be most appropriate. He’ll also gather exercises to send you home with so that you can get even better results with the active home component of treatment.

Laser therapy can last 5-15 minutes, depending on the body part, injury, and laser settings. We’ll schedule a follow-up visit with a report on your condition, home exercises, and a treatment recommendation.

What are Patients saying about this therapy? 

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