How do I choose a Chiropractor in Livonia?

chiropractor with patient Chiropractic is an increasingly more widely accepted part of the healthcare model. Research continually backs the effectiveness of chiropractic care. As the profession’s popularity grows, so does the number of offices nationwide. A 2018 license check revealed 68 chiropractors practicing in Livonia alone! This abundance of physicians brings us to the ever-important question: how do I choose a chiropractor in Livonia?

A potential patient needs to remember to do their research. There is a variety of different office styles, techniques, equipment, personalities, etc. The list can go on. This diversity is why we always suggest due diligence before selecting a chiropractor in Livonia. We’ll go over a variety of things to consider below.


Adjusting Technique

Chiropractic works. A typical visit involves the chiropractor locating a segment of the spine that is not moving correctly, then uses a force to get that section moving better. When the spine moves well, you feel well, and everything works great. Fixated segments can cause pain, tenderness, and other dysfunction.

Throughout time, there has been a wide variety of techniques formulated to move the spine. These techniques range from instrument-assisted to muscle testing to hands-on adjustments. Patients must understand which techniques they prefer and ask their potential chiropractor which methods they use.

In our office, we use a combination of hands-on and instrument-assisted adjusting. The amount of force will vary widely from patient to patient, dependent on age, condition of the spine, and patient preference.

For older patients, children, or patients that don’t like the “pop” often associated with manual adjustments, we will often utilize instrument-assisted adjusting.


Rehabilitative Knowledge

Research consistently regards a chiropractic adjustment as having a significant impact on patients with back pain.1 Studies also show that the incorporation of rehabilitative exercise of the spine can yield even better results.2

Patients may only spend 15 minutes in the office. The chiropractor must provide their patient with stretches and exercise they can perform on their own. This both allows the patient to get better, quicker, as well as increasing the patient’s independence from the chiropractor. A major red-flag for anyone shopping for a chiropractor is one that doesn’t offer any therapies they can do on their own.



office hours

When searching for a Livonia chiropractor, it is essential to look at their hours. If you work in Livonia, find one who you can see before/after work or during your lunch break. If you’re looking for a chiropractor closer to home, make sure they have hours that you’ll be able to make without having to miss work.

The fact of the matter is that most people who need to see a chiropractor need more than one visit. You can’t go to the gym once and get all of the muscles you want. You can’t have braces on for 15-minutes and expect straight teeth. Changes with the body can take time and repetition of visits.

It’s also important that the chiropractor takes into account your busy schedule. Our office knows how busy our patients offer. With their agenda in mind, we provide same-day, evening, and Saturday appointments. Saturday appointments are an excellent addition for our patients that have obscure weekday hours.


Office Environment

kids chiropractor

Picking a chiropractor in Livonia that has an office atmosphere you jive with can be a difficult task. Most desire an atmosphere that is personal, but not overbearing. Patients don’t want to feel like another number, but they also don’t want someone else prying into their personal life.

Our office prides itself on a personal atmosphere from the first visit. We provide friendly text and email alerts for appointments, as well as periodic health e-newsletters, to ensure patients are getting the most out of their experience. Our doctor makes recommendations for care, but the decision for care ultimately falls on the patient. We are here to support patients with whatever path they choose.

Our office also boasts a Kid’s Corner. This is a perfect place for kids to play while their parents get adjusted. This eliminates any barriers for the parent to need to find a sitter before seeing the chiropractor. We also treat a lot of families and wanted to offer something that our younger patients would enjoy.


Community Involvement

Patients should seek out a chiropractor that goes beyond his/her involvement in the office. This goes beyond chiropractic and should involve decision making for any business in any community. Support those who support something greater than themselves.

Our office focuses on community outreach and our ability to continue to impact those outside of our four walls. Dr. Dockery is a proud member of the Livonia Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Dockery makes a personal impact in the community as a member of the local service organization, Livonia Jaycees. In his downtime, Dr. Dockery also participates in several local soccer leagues in Livonia and is a regular member at the Jack Kirksey Livonia Recreation Center.


If you have any questions or would like to stop by our office for a free consultation to determine if we’re the right fit, please contact us. 734-427-6333.


  1. Schneider et al. Comparison in spinal manipulation methods and usual medical care for acute and subacute low back pain: a randomized clinical trial. Spine 2015 Feb 15;40(4):209-17.
  2. Evans, et al. “Two-year follow-up of a randomized clinical trial of spinal manipulation and two types of exercise for patients with chronic neck pain.” Spine. 2002;17(21):2383-9.

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