“Thanks to Dr. Dockery, my pain I had for years is almost gone. My headaches are less often and my back pain is no longer a daily problem. He also helps with my TMJ pain. I’m grateful to find a Doctor that actually listens and helps me!”


“When I first went to Life in Motion, I was in a lot of pain from my neck down to my lower back. Within a few weeks, my posture feels great and I’m no longer in pain (or tears). Plus I now have more energy to do my daily activities including yoga and exercising. The staff is very friendly too.”


“Awesome staff. I’ve had lower back pain for several yearsnow and after a few weeks of visits, I’ve seen substantial improvement and it keeps getting better. “


“Dr. Dockery is incredible at what he does. He took my pains and concerns to heart and together we set goals and met them! Weekly adjustments are now routine and I love it!
Glenna is amazing too! She always is there to answer questions, concerns, or just have a friendly chat!
I would highly recommend anyone to visit here! It’s professional, clean, and all-around awesome place!”


“I have been to several chiropractors but none have been as knowledgeable, compassionate, and patient as Dr. Dockery. Glenna is very personable and professional!”


“I love Life in Motion Chiropractic! From my personal experience with other chiropractors, Life in Motion offers advanced up to date Chiropractic Technology in combination with a friendly personable staff who ensure every patient has a quality experience and awesome adjustment.”


“I leave this place feeling like a million bucks every time. Dr. Dockery is an outstanding chiropractor and has helped me from my jaw to my hips! Can’t wait for my next appointment in 2 weeks!”


“Absolutely love coming here! My body feels better in just a few weeks. Very welcoming and comfortable in the office.”


“Dr. Dockery and Glenna are amazing. They make you feel so cared for! Dr. Dockery is really gentle and caring.”


“The whole staff is very nice and wants to take care of whatever needs you have! They do a wonderful job there, I highly recommend!!!”


“Dr. Dockery goes the extra mile to really make sure you’re taken care of. His adjustments are painless and he does a great job making recommendations that help while you’re out of the office too! I’d have no problem sending any of my friends or family in here.”


“As a patient with a connective tissue disorder, it can be hard to find a healthcare provider who is knowledgeable and comfortable working with you.
Dr. Dockery did a fabulous job treating me and I would highly recommend him to anybody who is nervous about seeing a chiropractor because of complex medical disorders!”