The Plank Exercise is one of the foundational exercises to engage the core and stabilize the low back. A healthy and engaged core has a direct correlation to decreased instances of low back pain. Begin with the Modified Plank until you’re able to hold the position for at least 45-seconds, then progress to the Standard Plank Exercise.




Modified Plank
  • Begin in a face-down position
  • Prop yourself onto your elbows and knees, making sure your arms are directly underneath your shoulders
  • Keep a neutral spine and breath through your stomach while holding this position
  • Time yourself
  • Hold yourself until failure
  • Compete against your previous best time
Standard Plank
  • Begin face down like the modified.
  • Prop yourself not your elbows and feet (not knees)
  • Make sure the spine is neutral, elbows are directly under the shoulders, and butt is down
  • Hold until failure