The median nerve is a nerve that travels from the neck to the hand and can be commonly pinched. Most people recognize the common term “Carpal tunnel syndrome,” which means impingement in the wrist’s carpal tunnel. This creates numbness in the hand. Impingement may also occur in the forearm muscles, in the scalene muscles in the front part of the neck, and in the spine itself as it exits the spinal column. The median nerve floss is a great way to help reduce symptoms and speed up healing.


Position 1
  • Begin by depressing the shoulder of the affected side
  • Slightly abduct the shoulder from the body and allow some extension through the shoulder
  • Maximally extend the elbow, wrist, and fingers behind you
  • Laterally flex your shoulder to the affected side
Position 2
  • Flex the fingers, wrist, and arm up in front of you
  • Laterally flex your head away from the affected side

Oscillate between positions 1 and 2 repetitively for sets of 10-15 reps, throughout the day. The median nerve floss is an effective way to reduce inflammation and scar tissue that may be irritating the median nerve.

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