The radial nerve is a nerve that exits the neck and travels down the back of the arm and into the hand. Pinching this nerve anywhere along its track will create numbness or weakness in the back of the arm and hand. The radial nerve floss pulls the irritated nerve back and forth, reducing inflammation and improving overall symptoms.


Position 1
  • Slightly abduct and extend the affected shoulder
  • Fully extend the elbow, but flex the wrist, having your palm face towards the ceiling (like a butler waiting for a tip)
  • Laterally flex your head towards the affected side
Position 2
  • Flex the shoulder, elbow, and wrist in front of you
  • Laterally flex your head away from the affected

Oscillate between positions 1 and 2 repetitively for sets of 10-15 reps, throughout the day. The radial nerve floss is an effective way to reduce inflammation and scar tissue that may be irritating the median nerve.

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