Neck Pain Treatment Center in Livonia, MI

At Life In Motion Chiropractic in Livonia, MI, Dr. Dockery helps many patients complaining of neck pain. Neck pain can be caused by any number of reasons, such as poor sleeping habits, slips and falls, old injuries, poor work stations, or many other reasons. If you’re suffering from difficulty in neck mobility, stiffness, or pain to the touch, a visit to Life In Motion Chiropractic may just be the answer you’ve been looking for. There are many causes of neck pain, including:

And at Life In Motion Chiropractic, we’ll work to pinpoint the cause of your neck pain and devise a treatment plan designed to improve your condition.

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Make an appointment with Life In Motion Chiropractic and see how we can help. With convenient office hours, flexible scheduling, and a caring, dedicated staff, we make it easy to seek chiropractic care for neck pain sufferers like you.

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