The Side Plank is a great exercise that engages both core muscles, as well as muscles of the low back. Begin with the Modified Side Plank, until you’re able to hold the position for at least 45-seconds, then progress to the standard Side Plank Exercise.




Modified Side Plank
  • Begin in a side-lying position on a mat
  • Bend your elbow to 90 degrees
  • Bridge yourself up onto your elbow and knee, ensuring that your hips are forward, but spine and head are in a neutral straight line
  • Breathe through the stomach
  • Hold until failure
  • Time yourself and compete against your best time
Side Plank
  • Begin by lying on your side like the modified
  • Bridge yourself up onto your elbow and feet (not the knees)
  • Make sure your elbow is directly underneath the shoulder, hips are forward, and the spine and head are neutral
  • Hold until failure