“My family is so blessed to have Dr. Dockery. He’s taken care of us for a few years now. I’ve noticed a positive change in my overall health. I sleep better and bounce back quicker from being sore or sick after my visits. You can expect to receive amazing service, exceptional care, and kindness from the entire staff. You will be treated like family! Highly highly recommend this office to everyone!” – Intissar S.

“I went to Dr. Travis with limited hand gripping and severe neck pain. After our consultation, he came up with a plan and let me know he believed that he could help me. I could barely do day-to-day tasks without severe pain. I am currently pain-free, back to golfing, and working without pain. It really means a lot to me that I am not living in pain and can enjoy life again. Thank you, Dr. Travis, and your staff as well. You cannot run a business like a well ran machine without a great staff. Thank you for your professionalism, passion for what you do, compassion for your patients, and for being a good human being. God bless you and your staff! Keep doing what you’re doing and I assure you that your future as a Chiropractor will be very successful.” – Scott R.

“My boyfriend recommended Dr. Dockery to me after visiting a few times because I struggled with back and neck trauma following an accident. I started back in May and it has been extremely life-changing! I’m able to sleep better, work out, and do simple day-to-day tasks without pain or discomfort. I’ve finished my wellness plan, but kept my membership because from the doc, down to the staff—they’re just THAT good!” – Martina V.

“I started the year out with significant back and hip pain and within a few visits, Dr. Dockery resolved both issues. The office is very clean and the staff is friendly and professional. There is absolutely no pressure to visit more frequently, which was a pleasant surprise! If you’re looking for a great chiropractor, I highly recommend Life in Motion Chiropractic.”  – Michele W.

“I came to Life in motion after a bad auto accident and low spirits knowing the long journey of treatment I had ahead of me. I was met with the best smiles, kindness, patience, and an open ear for how I felt from the staff here from the moment I walked in. I was able to get a consultation, x-rays and a treatment plan, and new hope at my very first appointment! The staff here has helped me so very much and I am so thankful to have more mobility and gain back independence slowly but surely. I can now take my dogs on walks again, cook in the kitchen, and do all the things I love so much.
I will forever recommend people to Life in Motion.  P. S. They have a massage therapist on-site, she is incredible!” – Rose F

Glenna & Emily are like FAMILY! Every time I enter the office they are genuinely glad to see me, ask how I’m doing, and catch up on what’s happening in the world. I have made this observation with them greeting other patients as well which lets me know their standard of practice is to make everyone feel at home :).
Dr. Dockery is very professional, kind, and personable. He listens to complaints regarding my spine and the muscles it surrounds and takes time to verbally consult with me about how to improve my posture, muscular strains, and how to manage wear and tear complaints. The office is ALWAYS sanitized & cleaned between patients and Dr. Dockery sanitizes his hands just prior to touching me.
Dr. Dockery is a VERY well-trained Chiropractor. I have walked into his office unable to move parts of my body and leave INSTANTLY relieved following my appointment. Prior to becoming a patient, I attempted to vet (5) chiropractors in 2019. Dr. Dockery was the ONLY chiropractor who returned my call personally and took time to listen to my medical history. During my initial visit, Dr. Dockery took ALL of the initial protocols and x-rayed my spine, and discussed in detail my deficits and strengths.
Lastly, I live 40 minutes from Life in Motion. Dr. Dockery and his staff are definitely worth the trip! Please give Life in Motion a call, the service you receive is worth the time and drive :)”  – Gayle B.

Dr. Dockery is great. He knows what he is doing. I have only had 3 sessions and feel better. He is very punctual and explains everything. And the staff is very welcoming. I look forward to having better results in the future. I would recommend it to anyone.  – Monica K.


“Great staff and service! Able to get appointments that work with your schedule and get you in at your appointment time. Dr. Dockery is awesome and is invested in his patients’ well-being. He listens to your issues and makes adjustments and suggestions accordingly to help you get better. The office staff is always pleasant and helpful. I refer those looking for excellent chiropractic care to Life in Motion with confidence!!” – Paulette R.


“We have been taking our three years old daughter here for going on three weeks now and we are happy with the results.
The staff is extra kind and welcoming. They made a sign welcoming our daughter the first time she went, how nice ☺️.
Thank you for helping our daughter with the slight adjustments to her right side along with the Eply maneuvers ☺️.” – NG



“I came looking for treatment so I could continue functioning at work correctly. From day one I was made comfortable the moment I stepped in. I was walked through every step the whole way, and taken care of 100% safely in the midst of a pandemic. I love this entire staff.” – Terence B.

“Dr. Dockery and the staff at Life in Motion office really care! I came in skeptical that a chiropractor could help, but Dr. Dockery’s thorough and caring evaluation and setting up of a care plan have made a world of difference in my active, athletic life. And the great thing is we adjust the care plan as needed.” -Brad A.

“Dr. Dockery and his staff are some of the kindest and most compassionate people I have met. Every time I come into the office I feel at home; almost like I’m just visiting a friend and not at a doctor’s appointment. The massage therapist was great at relieving pain in my shoulder associated with a previous auto accident.” – Kayla W.

“I’ve been coming to Life in Motion for a few years now. It has been so helpful that I haven’t had to use my walker in over 2 years. The staff are super friendly and fun! I’ve been recommending them to everyone!” – Stephanie F.

“I’ve been going here for over 2 years now and been loyal ever since! The receptionists Glenna and Emily are super awesome and very friendly. Dr. Dockery is GREAT! Very friendly and professional and very quick as well! Highly recommend coming here!” – Yara G.

“Life in Motion is absolutely the best chiropractic office in Michigan. I was referred by a friend last year and been loyal ever since. Friendly staff. Very clean and professional. Doctor Doc gets the job done quick and easy. I would highly recommend this establishment.” – Diamond P.

“I was getting severe debilitating migraines, and regular headaches keeping me from my regular activities like swimming. Dr. Dockery was able to help me to get back to doing my regular activities without getting headaches from moving my neck around. The whole staff is wonderful and friendly” – Liz

“Great office will work around your schedule. Dr. Dockery is young an eager to help great personality!” – Patric H.

“Walked into Life in Motion in horrible neck pain! Walked out like a new person!!
Thank you Dr. Travis Dockery” – Victoria T.

“I highly recommend getting adjusted here! I always feel very comfortable here. Dr. Dockery is great at explaining what’s going on and his plan of action. Glenna and Emily are always very kind and upbeat! I won’t go anywhere else!” – Victoria H

“The staff is amazingly kind, and the doctor is knowledgeable and patient. I can’t recommend this office enough.” – Craig K.

“The team at Life in Motion are amazing! Dr. Dockery explains everything well and ensures your care is customized. The staff is also so nice and makes scheduling easy. Highly recommend.” – Andrea J.

“A great place with helpful friendly staff. Dr. Dockery has been very helpful alleviating neck and low back pain.” -James S.

“I have been to several chiropractors but none have been as knowledgeable + compassionate + patient as Dr. Dockery. Glenna is very personable + very professional.” -Anne G.

“Dr. Dockery shows great care for my family & I and our health matters to him. We are very happy here and refer our friends and family. Glenna is a gem! She is always courteous & helpful.” – Michelle B.

“I feel so much better after I’ve been coming in. the staff are amazing and it is fun to come in. I highly recommend coming in!” -Stephanie F.

“I’m so grateful to the Life in Motion Chiropractic family. Everyone is so welcoming and flexible. I always leave feeling 100% better and healthier. Thank you for everything!” -Steve R.

“The service at Life in Motion is amazing! I would recommend Dr. Dockery to anybody who wants good spine health! Great company!” -Jeremeko E.

“Office staff is great!! 😊” – Cliff L.

“Thank you for helping me feel better! Thank you for being available when I need to come in!” – Cheryl M.

“Dr. Dockery and staff are so caring, loving, warm, and friendly. I always feel great after my adjustment. I highly recommend Life in Motion for all of your chiropractic needs. His office treats their patients like family!” – Diana V.

“The staff is wonderful and I always feel better when I leave.” – James R.

“I enjoy going to Life in Motion. The staff are so friendly and welcoming. My family never feels like we are an inconvenience. Dr. Travis is great. He listens to how we feel and makes corrections if needed.” – Matilda R.

“Dr. Dockery and the team are always helpful and kind. I was suffering from severe back pain and within a few visits got the relief I needed.” – Andrea J.

“First chiropractor I’ve went to and no complaints. Great staff, great chiropractor!” – Carlos B.

“Definitely would recommend to everyone I know. Great fast and friendly”– Alamrkany

“Friendly staff great service”– Chris B.

“Amazing staff! I’m in way less pain since coming here! Highly recommend:)” – Madison V.

“The whole team is THE BEST!!!” – Susan M.

“Life in Motion has been a great place to visit monthly. It has been part of my ‘stay healthy program’ for years along with some exercise and eating properly. Chiropractic has been essential for me for decades. I also appreciate the friendly atmosphere and the individual attention. I highly recommend using Life in Motion for all ages!” – Joe K.

“Had a great experience with Life in Motion. I was having severe lower back pain and the experienced friendly staff got me moving without pain again. I would definitely recommend.” – Chris P.

“Doctor Dockery is very good, very friendly and personable. Treatment is well worth the appointment” – Mickey M.

“All around great experience! Amazing Doctors. Staff is also amazing very respectful, helpful, and friendly. Have and will continue to recommend!” – Demitrius P.

“Life in Motion is a great practice! Travis is awesome, his staff is awesome, the care is awesome.” – Matt

“Came in with debilitating back pain near the end of July. Dr. Dockery provided great chiropractic care. The massages and stretches also helped me get back on my feet, ready for a trip to CA near the end of August! I would highly recommend!” – Susan S.

“Very nice and friendly staff… definitely gets the job done.” – Diamond W.

“Very nice staff!” – Shanikqua G.

“Very friendly staff and high quality work done here. My headache frequency has dropped significantly since coming here” – Chris P.

“Chiropractor and staff super friendly” – Faye E.

“Went here before and after 3 visits DR. Dockery told me that he probably not going to fix my problem, I am used to that been there since 2007. Lately my back has been giving me trouble, I called and they got me right in did some adjustments, today was my 2nd visit and so far it has help a little, since this was only my 2nd adjustment.” – Larry

“This office is great with customer service and patient care. I’d recommend checking them out. They’ve been flexible with their schedule and work to get me in when something doesn’t feel right. Seamless and easy visits.” – Noah M.

“Great doctor! Great staff!! Definitely recommend!!” – Kristi K.

“Has maintained a smooth transition from the prior doctor. Has made some improvements and the appointments run efficient.
Good work.” – Richard J.

“The chiropractor was absolutely amazing and the staff super friendly. I must say I had just been released from the hospital due to my back completely seizing so that I was unable to move.
The pain was so extreme that every time my heart would beat I would feel it like a hammer on my back. I was released from the hospital three days later with pain meds. I immediately started looking for a chiropractor and I found Life in Motion, they got me in right away and started treatment that got me walking much better, gave me exercises that help me greatly and I still do them. I am a veteran and the VA has taken over my care, so I’m no longer going to the chiropractor. But based on my experience at this clinic I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for care.” – Coolmom

“So happy I found this place! The Dr. Is amazing and the women at the front desk are always so sweet. Everytime I go in they’re fast and friendly. Hard to find a place full of friendly faces now a day’s. I highly recommend😁 Been dealing with pain management for awhile and numerous back doctors. I’ve learned more from him in the short amount of time, then I have years of dealing with doctor after doctor.” – Ashlee A.

“Love this place” – Lajuana S.

“Love the service! Everyone is wonderful, definitely recommend anyone to go see doctor Travis.” – Sunny S.

“I didn’t think a Chiropractor could help me with glute pain I’ve had but I do feel the pain subsiding. The Doctor & staff are awesome & I would recommend this office to others.” – Denise M

“Friendly service! I felt improvements after my first visit!” – Brian J.

“It is amazing to have witnessed such hospitality, effectiveness, timeliness and cost effectiveness regarding the services performed at this facility. I felt 150% better the first visit and is the best medical expense I’ve “actually paid” so far.” – Al E.

“By far the best Chiropractor in Michigan. I’ve been to several. Dr. Travis Dockery and His staff are a God send. True professionals who care for everyone no matter what your issues are. They treat you like family. My wife and I go regularly.” – Alon J.

“Everyone at the office is extremely nice and personable. They are very committed to improvement and thorough about any concerns.” – Emily H.

“Best Chiro I’ve had since I first started going 10 years ago. Super friendly staff, never a long wait, and convenient appointment times. I moved and don’t mind driving 23 minutes for my 5 minutes adjustment.” – Falon T.

“Travis is the best! Great chiropractor!!” – Alexandra B.

“They are a great Chiropractor, they helped me a lot with my back and neck.” – Gregory G.

“Never have to wait. Your in and out in no time.
They are very welcoming and you can talk to them and not feel uncomfortable about your question. Very effective” – Josephine B.

“Travis is very knowledgeable and patient willing to explain things in a way that are easy to understand. It definitely shows that he loves what he does.” – Joshua L.

“Love the staff,the Doctor.” – Brian B.

“Absolutely love coming here! My body feels better in just a few weeks. Very welcoming and comfortable in the office.” – Meranda J.

“Staff is always kind and friendly. Love the recent renovations. Always leave feeling like a $100 bill. Thanks Dr. Dockery and co!” – Joshua G.

“I love Life in Motion Chiropractic! From my personal experience with other chiropractors, Life in Motion offers advanced up to date Chiropractic Technology in combination with a friendly personable staff who ensure every patient has a quality experience and awesome adjustment.” – Intissar S.

“Dr. Dockery has helped so much with my back pain, I’ll never go anywhere else!” – Tiffany W.

“This place is great. I feel better every time I leave. Highly recommend”– Chris R.

“Dr. Dockery is great. He truly cares about his patients and is extremely knowledgeable in the chiropractic field. The office has been transformed since he took over the practice. I would not hesitate to recommend seeing Dr. Dockery if you’re in need of chiropractic help.” – Jeremy R.

“Dr. Dockery is amazing! I am a returning patient. I walk out feeling like a million dollars every time!
Keep up the good work!” – Taurean B.

“As a patient with a connective tissue disorder, it can be hard to find healthcare providers who are knowledgeable and comfortable working with you. Dr. Dockery did a fabulous job treating me and I would highly recommend him to anybody who is nervous about seeing a chiropractor because of complex medical issues such as connective tissue disorders!” – Alexis S.

“Friendly and Nice” – Nick D.

“I started coming here for my lower back and sciatica pain. Dr. Dockery has helped tremendously! Not only with the adjustments, but by recommending stretches for me to do at home. My sciatica pain is gone. I still go regularly because I just feel better after leaving.
The staff is very nice. Glenna is at the front desk to welcome you and she is always smiling. I’ve met the massage therapist but haven’t scheduled an appointment yet. Maybe I’ll hint that it would be a nice gift to my family ;)” – Toni D.

“Dr. Dockery is amazing! He listens to me and meets my needs. Kayla gives great massages. I highly recommend this office. Glenna at the front desk is amazing too” – Brad A

“Dr Dockery is a great chiropractor. Our entire family goes to see Dr. Dockery. My daughter was experiencing some pain from sports and he gave her some stretches that helped.” – Kendra G.

“When I first went into Life in Motion I was in a lot of pain from my neck down to my lower back and my posture was all over the place. Within a few weeks of visiting my posture is great and I’m no longer in pain (or tears) plus I now have more energy to do my daily activities including yoga and exercising. The staff is very friendly too.” – Geneva R.

“Dr. Dockery and his staff have been friendly and inviting. I made my first appointment with him because I was having sciatic pain. He spent extra time to correct that problem and it paid off. By the next day the pain was gone. Today he helped my 2 year old be content waiting while he was adjusting me. 😊 “– Audrey R.

“The staff is kind and helpful every visit and my lower back pain has been reduced substantially in a very short amount of time. Couldn’t recommend them any higher!” – Treyton K.

“I was very pleased with my first visit & will continue seeing Dr. Travis Dockery! Thank you!” – Nicki

“I leave this place feeling like a million bucks every time. Dr. Dockery is an outstanding chiropractor and has helped me from my jaw to my hips! Can’t wait for my next appointment in 2 weeks.” – Elizabeth H.

“Dr. Dockery is a great chiropractor, the staff is always friendly. Dr.Dockery always takes the time to explain everything to you and finds the best treatment plan for you as an individual .” – Kayla H

“Always a wonderful experience when going to see Dr. Dockery and Glenna! They are super friendly and I’m in and out in no time!” – Rebecca V.

“Thanks to Dr.Dockery, my pain i had for years is almost gone, my headaches are less often and my back pain is no longer a daily problem. He also helps me with my TMJ pain. Im grateful to have found a doctor that actually listens and helps me!” – Marissa G.

“Dr. Dockery goes the extra mile to really make sure you’re taken care of. His adjustments are painless and he does a great job making recommendations that help while your out of the office too! I’d have no problem sending any of my friends or family in here.” – Travis F.

“Dr. Dockery now owns and runs this clinic and is doing a great job. He is always friendly and willing to listen, focuses on fixing the areas of your body that are painful or troubling you, and gives a very thorough treatment that is worth every penny. I highly recommend him to friends, family, and all with back issues.” – Phillip V.

“Dr. Dockery was very kind and patient when dealing with any questions that I had. He truly cares about his patients and made me feel like a part of the family. I highly recommend going here.” – Ahmad H.

“I am someone that is very new to the chiropractic world and knew very little about it. Dr. Dockery was very kind and patient as he explained the ins and outs of what they offer. I really appreciated it and will definitely recommend them as often as possible” – Mike F.

“I just went there for the first time and won’t go anywhere else. He was nice and really explained things well. He actually seemed to care!” – Melissa N.

“Dr. Dockery is a wonderful chiropractor! You can really tell how passionate he is about chiropractic and how he truly cares about the wellbeing of his patients. The office space is nice and I felt very welcomed at my first visit. I’ve been recommending him to so many people since this is my first visit with a chiropractor and I had such a great experience. Will definitely be coming back- thank you!!” – Randi K.

“Office staff is very friendly and courteous. Dr. Dockery is very professional and very friendly and easy to talk to”. – Julie R.

“Staff is very friendly and professional, and I always feel better after an adjustment” – John M.

“Chiropractic services and support staff are excellent. Dr. Dockery is very thorough, patient and enjoyable to interface with.” – Tim W.

“Excellent, local Chiropractic care in a convenient location.” – Michele W.

“Absolutely love the staff they are very friendly make you feel like you are home very clean environment if I could do 10 stars I would thank you for everything you do.” – Katelyn G.

“Life in Motion is great! Travis is very knowledgeable and takes great care of myself and my wife. They also have massage therapy and Carly is incredible. I would recommend this office to everyone.” – Matt B.

“Life in Motion is absolutely the best chiropractic office in Michigan. I was referred by a friend last year and been loyal ever since. Friendly staff. Very clean and professional. Doctor Doc gets the job done quick and easy. I would highly recommend this establishment.” – Diamond P.

“The staff is amazingly kind, and the doctor is knowledgeable and patient. I can’t recommend this office enough.” – Craig K

“Husband and I have been coming here for a year and have really enjoyed it! Great place, Travis is awesome, staff is super friendly, great massages!! Definitely recommend!” – Alex B

“Great doctor! Great staff! Definitely recommend!” – Kristi K

“Been going there for a couple months now. Used to get headaches daily. I have made significant improvements since coming here. Staff is super nice and works around my busy schedule. Highly recommend.” – Christopher P.

“The staff is very friendly and the doctor very thorough and explains everything he is doing.” – Lawrence J.

“The staff are all incredibly helpful and no matter what your health situation is Dr. Dockery will help to increase your quality of life. Highly recommend.” – David J.

“Absolutely 100% would recommend Doctor Dockery for anyone who has any issues with back and neck pain” – Tobiah F.

“Came in with debilitating back pain near the end of July. Dr. Dockery provided great chiropractic care. The massages and stretches also helped me get back on my feet, ready for a trip to CA near the end of August! I would highly recommend!” – Susan S.

“I love the staff. Scheduling is easy!”- Nikki M.

“Amazing staff! So friendly and welcoming! Dr. Dockery is awesome!” – Madison B.

“I have really bad back pains and decided to come here and it really helped and they are really nice” – Channon S.

“Doc Travis,
Is a made a refreshing addition to this practice & has since taken the practice over. Very professional & attentive to our needs. & just a fine young Doctor.” – Marty V.

“great place to feel great”- Loretta S

“Dr Dockery, Glenna & Emily are always so pleasant & helpful. I enjoy talking sports to Dr Dockery. And their appointment schedule make it easy to accommodate everyone’s busy schedule.
2 Thumbs Up! 👍🏼👍🏼” – Carol S.

“I have felt great since coming in and getting my adjustments. I mention what might possibly might be causing an issue and Dr Dockery addresses them.” – Don A

“Fantastic help with hip and back pain!” – Anne W.

“Excellent service and I will be going back” – Ron T.

“The whole staff is very nice and wants to take care of whatever needs u have!!! They do a wonderful job there, I highly recommend!!!” – Susan S.

“Happy to support a great staff with our business! We look forward to each visit!” – Audrey I

“Dr. Dockery is incredible at what he does. Took my pain & concerns to heart and together we set goals and met them! Weekly adjustments are routine now & I love it!

Glenna is amazing too! She’s always there to answer questions, concerns or have just a friendly chat!

I would highly recommend anyone to visit here! It’s a professional, clean and all around awesome place!” – Becca V

“The Gentle Effective treatment is life-changing.” – Craig T.

“When I first went into Life in Motion I was in a lot of pain from my neck down to my lower back and my posture was all over the place. Within a few weeks of visiting my posture is great and I’m no longer in pain (or tears) plus I now have more energy to do my daily activities including yoga and exercising. The staff is very friendly too.” – Geneva R.

“Dr. Dockery is an amazing chiropractor who always has your health and wellness at the forefront of his treatment plans. He takes the extra time to teach stretches, pressure points, etc that, combined with adjustments, help alleviate any pain or discomfort you experience. He has helped me many times- going from barely able to move to have most of my range of motion back.

I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new chiropractor!” – Kayla W.

“After taking a (literal) trip down the stairs a month ago, I’m feeling so much better after my weekly visits here. I look forward to my appointments every week!” – Mickayla C.

“Makes me feel better. thank you” – Cheryl M

“I come here every two weeks and sometimes more often. Every time I leave I can stand up straight! Feels so much better. 😁” – Elizabeth N.

“Very professional. Nice and clean environment. The staff is always smiling. Recommend 100%.” – Juan R.

“Very friendly staff and amazing chiropractor! I’m feeling much better after my adjustments!” – Kelli K.

“The environment is friendly and inviting. The service from Dr. Dockery and the staff are great! The results are great!” – Bonnie G.

“The office staff is very friendly and courteous. Dr. Dockery is very professional, friendly, and easy to talk to.” – Julie R.